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London Fashion Week - Day #1

Molly Goddard AW15

Image from WonderlandMagazine.com

Image from WonderlandMagazine.com
Image from DazedDigital.com
Set in some sort of stress relieving art room in a classic boarding school, the cast painted still life of a brave 50-something man, baring all. The models sketched with smiles pasted onto their innocent natural faces. The delicate ruched pink-pastel dresses reflected nostalgia, tea parties and your Sunday best. The silhouettes we’re simple trapeze and smock shapes, which tapped into the vibes of the birthday parties our parents organised for us when we were five years old. Pastel pink and black tulle was dreamt into the form of pleated A-line dresses and skirts. The hand-pleated mesh dresses were particularly interesting, the pleats were more defined than they would have been on an opaque fabric and the eyes were drawn to this.

A 70s vibe ran through the collection with the use of a mustard long sleeved dress which was made out of corduroy. Seemingly in contrast, the playlist involved none other than Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Bold as Love’ and The Rolling Stones’ ‘Beast of Burden’ - well what else are you going to listen to when drawing a nude old man?

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