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London Fashion Week - Day #2

Gareth Pugh AW15

Image from Style.com

Image from Style.com
Image from DazedDigital.com

10 years since his London Fashion Week debut, Gareth Pugh made his return after seven years of showing elsewhere. Ruth Hogben, produced a short film to coincide with the show and used the Renaissance paintings inside the V&A to reflect the glaring flames.  At first sight the collection seemed dark, gothic and a little austere but Pugh assured Style.com that the collection was positive, “part of something meaningful, being part of the game.” And that game was football - the biggest tribes that Britain comes across. Unmistakable Sunderland football chants carried the models down the runway. The cast calmly walked sporting red St George’s crosses on their full face like football fans. The garments we’re linear and came away from the body, which acted like armor to protect the body.

The clothes were all black and he used different hard textures to reflect the aggressive attitude. Black leather breast-plates we’re staple details in this show once again to portray a protective look. Pugh’s topless warrior battled down the catwalk to end the show carrying a bold red flag as if to give a nod to the great Boudicca.

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