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Lizzie | 22 | London-Based Writer


My name's Lizzie and I'm a fashion journalist graduate interested in working in the magazine industry as an editor or a copywriter. I see myself as a writer and a creative director. Primarily I write, but I also have a keen interest in creating concepts for shoots and designing layouts for publications. For now I'm pitching to magazines, interning for publications and proving my worth. Endlessly typing away and wearing away my finger tips..

Describing my relationship with blogging in the past could be explained as being 'complicated'. Writer's block, poor imagery and overdone post ideas were the main problems. So, in sorting out my blogging-life, I've decided to apply my fashion and culture knowledge to my posts and reference a lot more fashion, review a couple more exhibitions and events and just offer fashion findings that you can all (mildly) appreciate.

More to the point, a GQ editor once said to me, "How do you expect to be a writer when you don't write everyday?" Real talk, these words haunt me on a daily basis and make me want to blog, tweet and Instagram when I think of them.

For now, that'll do. 



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